Nebulous Game

In 2015 we have seen a big rise of popularity by the games that are using cell game mechanics. Nebulous is one of many that offers such style of gameplay but we must say it is probably the best. In nebulous you grow your blob by eating small dots that are randomly placed across the level or by eating other player if that player is smaller than you. Goal is quite reasonable: you must try to become largest blob on server and stay on first place as long as you can. This game offers a lots of detailed statistic so each time you will be able to see what is your record and how to improve your play.

Multiplayer part of Nebulous is very good, you can compete up to 27 players per game and you have a choice to play for some clan or make your own clan because clan system is implemented.

There are a few interesting game mods such timed teams, capture the flag, soccer mode and probably the most fun survive mode. You can pick your favorite color scheme, skins (over 350 different skins and counting) , collect achievements and so much more. So play now online and tell us what you think about game in comments section.

Click here to play Nebulous Online

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